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Friday, January 13, 2006

Deep Concerns About Alito

Alito could well be a stealth candidate for Supreme Court. He claims to only have a tangential involvement with CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton) because of their mutual support for ROTC. This is a ruse!

Obviously, Pro-ROTC is not what CAP was known for, nor is this what Ed Meese’s InJustice’s department was primarily concerned with either in 1985… CAP was known for being against co-education, against minorities, against same-sexers, and against people with disabilities getting into Princeton.

According to Alito’s college roommate, Alito's Vietnam draft lottery number made it almost inevitable that he’d be drafted. It was at that point that Alito joined the ROTC, which he didn’t even mention in his college yearbook. What is mentioned in Alito’s yearbook, however, is an expectation that he’d ‘warm a bench on the Supreme Court.’

I think the public deserves to know if Alito had nothing to do with the group and didn't know about its bigoted public stances. However, Senator Kennedy was stonewalled by the Libary of Congress when he tried to get access to these records.

The founder of CAP and the National Review, Rusher, donated his archives to the Library of Congress, whose collection it seems tautological that a Senator should have access to. I assume that Rusher got a nice tax write off for his donation (at public expense) and that the public has paid for those records to be catalogued and archived, and now we are paying for not knowing if Alito lied about having nothing to do with this group that his friend and classmate co-founded.

Senator Specter, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, hammered down Kennedy's request for the committee to get the documents, and at first denied 'receiving' his letter nearly three weeks before. Arlen Specter should know something about the negative ramifications of being involved with coverups. He cut his chops as a junior staffer on the Warren Commission, where he premiered the magic bullet theory. The spectre of mystery still shrouds the firing of JFK, partially thanks to Specter. It is a cruel irony that he’s banging the gavel on JFK’s younger brother, Ted, when Ted tries to open the record on Alito’s perhaps elitist and bigoted college days roots.


At 3:09 AM, Blogger Enzo Titolo said...

Posted: 01/12/06 - 07:49:53 am MST
Senators Take Last Turn to Question Alito

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - An examination of hundreds of documents from the founder of a controversial college alumni group found no mention of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday.
"The files contain dozens of articles, including investigative exposes written at the height of the organization's prominence, but Sam Alito's name is nowhere to be found in any of them," Specter said.


-- What Specter doesn't mention is the financial records of CAP. Did Alito donate to them?

At 7:20 PM, Blogger Enzo Titolo said...

Nonetheless, this Salon article by Joe Conason convincingly asserts that ROTC was already being reinstated at Princeton by the time Alito graduated and CAP was founded.


The long and short of this is that Alito was using racial and anti-feminist coding to communicate his solidarity with those approaches so that he could join the Reagan administration and become one of its chief legal idealogues.

Could we expect anything better from a Bushie?

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Enzo Titolo said...

Here is the rest of that URL for the Salon article


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