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Thursday, March 02, 2006

United Arab Emirates' takeover of NYC Port is the next Katrina and 9/11/01 disaster in the making

In my world view, I don't put it beyond the Bush Administration to actively work to allow New York City to be completely destroyed. They allowed New Orleans to sink. Such situations work out quite well for them. What do they need with Democratic-leaning NYC with its dissent, welfare-state, publishing, media, immigrants, and minorities?

It seems that NYC's only saving grace in the eyes of the Bush regime is Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank's world gold holdings. But Wall Street's wealth is paper, and that data is backed up elsewhere, so the trading will be back within a few days after a nuclear catastrophe. The Federal Reserve's gold is deep underground behind and under concrete, stone, and probably lead. The gold will be dug up as the dead are cleared away.

The port of NYC only checks about 5% of cargo shipping containers as it is, and that is after the containers get here. Now putting a company owned by a terrorist-infiltrated nation in charge of our ports provides the compartmentalization needed for plausible deniability when New York City is obliterated by a shipped and detonated nuclear weapon.

When or if Congress is able to conduct oversight and investiagation after the coming catastrophe of how NYC was nuked, the trail will go cold in Dubai, just as investigations with our 'allies' in U.A.E., Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have consistently gone cold before. This has been going on for ten years.

The article linked above and here
and the US Coast Guard's investigative report to the President's committee both strongly suggests that the United Arab Emirates is not safe to outsource our ports' operations to. As Buzzflash joked a few days ago, why not outsource the Secret Service's Presidential and Vice Presidential protection to the UAE (and let's see how safe they feel)?!

The best thing I can say about the W Adminstration is that they are pro-globalization and soft on the roots of terrorism and its related financing in the middle east and south asia. That is, they might just be laissez-faire capitalists and pro-corporation boondogglers and raiders. But, they are also consistent liars. The trail of destruction and devestation associated with this administration is enough to discern a pattern beyond incompetence and indifference. And they might actually be aiding or abetting destruction of population centers that resist the administration's plans for plunder and the possible martial takeover of the U.S.


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that the point of all this turmoil is to give to mr. bush a plausible basis to claim the world is too dangerous for our nation to indulge holding such hazardous procedures as democratic elections in November,2006 and 2008 and for the safety of our nation we must, therefore, forego national elections until more settled times; and delay any elections until Mr Bush is sure that those who will, in fact, receive the most votes are Republican nominees(i,e, a substantial republican party vote).


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