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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe 'the Plumber' another Jeff Gannon/Guckert?!

Remember the fake journalist practically blowing President Bush in those 2005-2006 press conferences, Jeff Gannon, actually Jeffrey Guckert, tax scofflaw and male prostitute? He was a plant from a fake conservative news organization using questions based on Rush Limbaugh comedy sketches as if they were factual. He even used his credentials to interview Ambassador Joseph Wilson with planted questions, as if going to Niger as a volunteer were a junket.

If you catch his latest incarnation as a now-out gay blogger you see that in August 2008, he states that what Obama and Osama have in common is that they are buddies with terrorists who attacked the Pentagon, Hani Hanjour and Bill Ayers of the Weathermen! Bill Ayers was the supporting character in last night's debate, and has been echoing around Sarah Palin's speeches.

These neo-cons swim in a very shallow puddle. They don't have much of a back-bench, but they have message discipline, since they say the same inane smokescreening things repeatedly. I guess if you are the permanent minority seeking the most power and wealth, you do what you feel you must to win.

Which brings me to last nights main character in the debate: Joe 'the Plumber,' yet another conservative shill and plant, not an independent undecided voter, worrying about buying a business that will earn him $250,000 but faces 9% higher taxes.

There are no records of Joe Wurzelbacher being a registered plumber or even in the Yellow Pages of Toledo, but there are records of him having registered Republican, voting in this winter's Republican primaries, and he says that he was a member of the ultra conservative Natural Law Party. We don't really know who Joe Wurzelbacher is, what he does, or who sent him.

We do know, that like Jeff Guckert, he owed taxes. We also know that if his story were true, then his tax situation would improve with Obama's plan, and that the Plumbers' Union has endorsed Obama.

I wonder if he's related to Cincinnati's Samuel Wurzelbacher, Charles Keating's son-in-law who looted billions from a Savings and Loan, stealing folks' investments and retirements, before serving over three years in prison? The same Charles Keating whom Cindy McCain invested in real estate with, and the one who supported McCain's early Senate career with serious donations! Cincinnati is 200 miles south of Toledo.

As I've said before, these guys have a limited pool of dedicated operatives and shills to work with, but the following 'separated at birth' pictures are too funny. Let's hope the late night shows pick this up.


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