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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Still more on the Gannon/Guckert scandals contrasted with Hunter Thompson

Daily Kos is rigorously pulling together a Gannon/Guckert timeline here


and it seems likely that he was the same Guckert who graduated college in 1980, joined a fraternity, and had some tax evasion troubles. His military record seems undocumented so far.

My take on the timeline is that:

*Guckert/Gannon was a male escort while working for the White House,

*he had connections with the White House for daily access (with no background check) and for ‘scoops,’

* including that the forged memos about Bush' actual abandonment of the National Guard (that did in CBS News and Dan Rather) came from the White House, or at least the source of the disinformation, since Gannon/Guckert debunked them to Hannity before they were even aired on CBS,

* and that Gannon/Guckert was used by the WhiteHouse to interview the hero Ambassador Joseph Wilson to spy on his intentions and next moves and perhaps as a gay honey-pot to try and entrap Wilson sexually for blackmail. The timing of the Gannon Wilson interview suggests that Gannon/Guckert may have been linked to the illegal outing of Wilson's CIA operative wife, since Gannon cited the classified information contemporaneously with its release.

Jeff Gannon cited Hunter Thompson in JeffGannon.com "Fear and Loathing in the Press Room" because Thompson pioneered personalized journalism that stressed intensity and urgency. Gannon confused his being outed as a homophobic homosexual prostitute and as a phony prostitute 'journalist,' a new breed of homosexual and a new breed of 'journalist,' which I’m sure has been a bad month for him, with Thompson's innovative and urgent personal journalism. Gannon is lucky to have done this after Hunter was dead or HST would have turned his words, lawyers, or bullets against Gannon.

Some people like bad things because they are bad. I think the circles that Gannon/Guckert run in like homosexuality partially because they think it is sinful, and if it were good, it wouldn’t be as fun for them. Twisted fun. This would be fine if it didn’t cause unnecessary shame or lack of insurance coverage for law abiding gay people without Whitehouse connections.

I think HST liked things that made him see the Truth in a new vivid way. He used substances to excess, but didn’t recommend it, nor decry it for others. All evidence was that he had high morality, patriotism, and was a good man working for the public good at some risk to himself.

Meanwhile, we are left with Gannon/Guckert who pillories gays while being a male prostitute and who uses the pose of journalist and victim to further his careers. God help us!


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