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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bush Proposed a FALSE FLAG Operation to draw the UN into Iraq War

"Bush was so committed to going to war that he discussed painting a U.S. surveillance plane in U.N. colors in hopes of drawing Iraqi fire. 'If Saddam fired on them,' Bush said, 'he would be in breach.'"

(British Memo: War of choice, Editorial, by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board. March 29, 2006.)

This is known as a false-flag operation, something done in as a covert action to cause nations to go to war under false pretenses, like:
  • the 'accidentally' mistranslated or untranslated Gulf of Tonkin incident tranmissions leading to the Vietnam Catastrophe in 1964 (and lasting almost ten years more to the profit of KBR and Halliburton),
  • the destruction of the USS Maine (by 'machine failure' but blamed on a Spanish mine), precipitating the Spanish-American War in 1898 under conservative favorite, McKinley. leading U.S. influence in P.R., Phillipines, Cuba, and D.R, as well as big profits for industry and railroads, or
  • the Operation Northwoods plots proferred by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which President Kennedy nixed in 1963, in which passenger planes would be switched with military aircraft drones to be shot down and blamed on Cuba, or in which the U.S. sank a U.S. naval ship with sailors aboard all to precipitate war with Cuba.

Still, not only is this sort of action (drawing fire on a U.S. spy plane painted to look like a UN plane) proposed to be ordered by President Bush prohibited under the U.S.' Rules of War, but it is stupid.

What would be the rationale: that the UN would be mad at Iraq for downing a spy plane that would have been the UN's, if it weren't the US' plane flying provocatively?

Or that maybe we could fool the UN, as well as Iraq, into thinking that that plane was operated by the UN, even though no one in the UN would know about the plane's provenance or have any association with the lost crew?

The most illuminating things about this memo is that it is more proof that Bush wanted war with Iraq badly, desperately.

He was willing not only to lie about wanting war, which he did again this week in a town hall meeting and in reply to Helen Thomas' pointed question, but he was willing to run a prominent false flag operations to precipitate war with Iraq, which would mean a ton more lies committed by thousands of people for a long time, involving cover-ups, etc.

What else is President Bush lying about? What else is he and his cronies covering up? What is worth it to them to risk perjury and calumny and impeachment? That is, what are the motives behind the lies taking us into Iraq?


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