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Friday, November 02, 2007

Imus is back!? Imus is Anti-American

Don Imus' racism over the years, referring to Gwen Iffil as (looking like) the 'cleaning woman' and referring to the Rutgers' winning basketball team as (looking like) "nappy headed ho's," is not just racist -- it is un-American. This man is unable to look at black women of great achievement as playing anything but the roles of maids or hos (whores).

Black women, besides being about 5% of our nation's population, have overcome and are overcoming so much just surviving in the USA.

Imus is entitled to his opinions, and probably all of us struggle with racism and prejudice, but he has displayed a pattern of warping and hatred of an important part of our country. We just don't need this guy having access to our public airwaves, making fun while hurting noble people doing so much for our country.

The Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team are champions, winners, and they are scholars. Rutgers is one of our nation's oldest, most venerable universities. Imus' denigration of this team of achievers, insults us all as Americans.

This man is blind to our country's greatness; putting him on the air and paying him well to spew his hateful ignorance is an insult to our nation.


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