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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Cure to Terrorism and Replublicanism or at least NeoCons

Terrorism is like warfare, a way to impose a national will on another group, but it is such a blunt instrument. It is hard to see what its intentions are in terms of real change in making the world better.

Often the attacks on the US were done anonymously without even a statement. And even if one were issued, the violent and destructive acts engendered more resistance and violence, as well as the economic and physical and emotional damage that the terrorists wanted.

I don't get it. And when I don't get something, it usually means someone's lying for their own benefit.

If you can be martyred for suicide-bombing, for example, doesn't that make the victims go to heaven, too? If terrorists 'hate freedom' then what is their plan for tyranny? Seems too facile, especially since military contractors own TV networks.

I think it is all about sickos who want to kill and use religion and ideology to get others to do the dirty work.

When it comes down to it, Bin-Laden's friends and family are getting really wealthy from oil jumping from $30 a barrel to $70, and from a bunch of middle class saudis dying in Iraq shooting at our soldiers.

Meanwhile, Bush, the close saudi friend, and his friends and family profit from oil jumping in price, from military parts and services jumping in price (Halliburton, Carlyle Group, Kellogg Brown and Root).

It is the same oil, selling for twice as much, and a lot of weapons being sold, and used to thin out our nation's populations so that their kids have less competition for buying the stuff they want or threatened by merit.

Terror is a reptile-brain reaction.

We need more cerebral cortex stuff going on, like talking, inventing, doing business, communicating, making deals, respect, tolerance, education, educating women.

And we need more 'freedom.' Freedom to use contraceptives, freedom for women and children to get educated. Freedom to work or start businesses, and to have rule of law. Freedom to walk in public without an escort, or drive. Freedom to have protection from rapists or religious freaks, greed-heads, power-mongers.

Men and women, boys and girls, need to be able to talk with each other in public.

People also need to be able to hook up and get their rocks off. We need more sexual freedom.

I think terrorism and Republicanism would die off if there were sexual freedom, and subsidized, legal and safe prostitution. Republicans need to be bad and dirty, but when they can't they buy missiles, and guys in the mideast who can't relate to women resort to rocket propelled grenade launchers. More orgasms -> less violence.


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