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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time for Cheney to go now

Craig Crawford recently opined on Chris Matthews' Hardball that he thinks, now that pal Rummy's gone, Cheney's next, since it isn't fun anymore for him. I'm inclined to agree, especially after this week Rob 'Prince of Darkness' Novak mentioned how some senior officials are so upset with how Bush so abruptly gave Rummy the heave-ho during election week.

I think it is plausible that Cheney would leave. In October there were some quiet rumbles about Rummy going, and so long!

Cheney loves power and he has less of it now without Rumsfeld and Congress behind him, plus he's not able to use fear as much to get people behind him.

Bush2 is so obviously flailing under Cheney's tutelage that Daddy's crew (Bush1, Baker, Gates, Kissinger, and maybe Scowcroft) is taking over. Bush2 has finally kind of gotten used to actually being President and is probably realizing that he's becoming an historical laughingstock. Shedding Cheney will be easy.

So, who's in line to be President for the next 9-10 years (in their dreamworld)? Jeb Bush? John McCain? Giuliani? They are all horrible, but McCain seems the least bad. At least he's served in the military and has a modicum of honor left. Giuliani is an authoritarian who chases the cameras and hogs credit for blown up but mostly flimsy accomplishments. Jeb is more evil and competent than Shrub.

It doesn't matter, all of them are profiting quite handsomely from their investments in military materiel and services via Carlyle Group, Haliburton, and KBR, as well as their oil and oil services investments and gigs. The war mongering leading to crises inflates the revenues from energy and guns. Their kids aren't dying, and their investments are ballooning from the situation. We were wrong saying 'no blood for oil;' more accurately it is: 'no blood for less oil (higher pump prices).'

Good riddance scarey Dick Cheney. He was creepy around 9/11/01 and we're safer with him away from the button.

Let the Repugs choose their next candidate now, so the Democrats can run polls against the VP and pick their most winnable opponent. Plus, this maneuvering will further cement George2 as even lamer duck. He doesn't care. His money is going to be coming and coming. Letting Dick go and letting the Republicans move on puts George in a position to say to his club house buddies how 'he' took one for the Republican team, whomever he appoints as VP to succeed him...


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