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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Pentagon Explosion Footage Official May 2006 Release Part 1

Prison Planet has had Pentagon explosion footage for a while.

A couple of weeks ago, to a bit of ballyhoo that we hadn't heard about for a long time, the Pentagon released, officially, its parking lot footage of the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11/01...

Well, let's go to the video itself: first there's smoke coming from the Pentagon, then we see a 'whoosh' approach the Pentagon fast and low with a contrail after it and then we see a huge explosion.

I don't see how an airplane can go so low without damaging poles or the lawn. I don't know if planes even leave contrails at so low an altitude. What was that puff of smoke in the first frame?

It is so funny/strange/sad/scary how the newscasters framed this video: Telling what we were supposed to be seeing and thinking, like hypnotists! And the hype, too. I've seen this video on the web before. I think it was on [URL=http://www.prisonplanet.com]http://www.prisonplanet.org[/URL] .com at least months ago, and it is there to prove that it was a missile hitting the building. This video, at the least, is a public Rorshack test.

[What was going on that week (mid May 2006) in the news? The immigrants/aliens? Karl Rove or Cheney maybe getting involved with the Libby imbroglio? Bush' approval going below 30% to Nixon/Carter/Bush41 levels? Was this after the week that Ray McGovern argued Rumsfeld into the ground, calling him a liar about Iraq? Was this around the time New Orleans was electing its Mayor, with the city still in ruins and population scattered even as the next hurricane season was brewing? Was this the week that USAToday revealed that the NSA has conspired with phone companies and a database company, Choicepoint, to create a massive database of every American phone call for use in datamining connected with our voter registrations, license plates, medical records? Explosive implications and revelations in the face of previous lies.

Was this explosive video's release some sort of stimulus to make us fearful and united, like the old color coded warnings that were lated revealed to be politically manipulative?

Really, I don't see how the timing of its release, blamed on Moussaoui's trial being over, a month after the Moussaoui trial ended, was linked to that trial, or even how it was relevant to it in the first place... The lies just keep on coming with this administration. Do they ever tell the truth?]

Then there's other surveillance videos that we know about, like from the (Sheraton?) hotel and the (Citgo?) gas station, still unreleased, but seized by the FBI on the day of the attacks. And there's the other ones we don't know about, since we can reasonably assume that the Pentagon probably has more video footage of what's going on around the building than the one from a crappy parking lot camera. I've seen better Predator surveillance footage of a distant battlefield from the 1990s. And doesn't the Pentagon have second-to-second satellite pictures on Washington DC?

25 years of a missile standoff against the USSR, and the Pentagon isn't protected against missiles?? Aren't missiles smaller and faster than large commercial airliners? The Pentagon doesn't have anti-aircraft working?

According to a local paper in Florida in mid September 2001, see [URL=http://www.cooperativeresearch.org]http://www.cooperativeresearch.org[/URL] Cooperative Research's section, An Interesting Day for the link, Bush' Sarasota resort had anti-aircraft installed on the roof of his resort on 9/10/01. What, they took it off from the Pentagon?? Only one anti-aircraft battery for the east coast? The Pentagon needs to hold a bake sale or something!

It seems weird that we'd protect Tokyo, Tapei, Seoul, Ankhara, and Berlin better than we'd protect Washington DC and NYC. Especially since we've spent TRILLION$ on defense since WW2 and sacrificed universal healthcare for this advanced protection, which doesn't even work for us the one day we really needed it.

Then, what was the Chain of Command doing that morning, hours after multiple hijackings, allowing our capitol's military headquarters to go unprotected?! So many people stepped off duty during that period, and then there's all the folks kind of missing or out of town that day, including the Prez, VP, Chief of Staff. And there's Minetta and Cheney's conflicting accounts of their whereabouts and schedules and who was doing and saying what....

Then, what about no fighter planes defending the skies during multiple hijackings that have been going on for hours? I don't see how Payne Stewart's jet can get escorted in 1999, but the Pentagon and NYC go unprotected, and when they are finally protected after it is too late, it is from more distant bases hundreds of miles away?

And then these guys who 'let it happen' all keep their jobs or get medals or promotions, and all the whistleblowers or folks trying to prevent the attacks either die, get fired, threatened, demoted, run out of town or the agency, told to shut up or step off...

It is mind boggling how little sense the official conspiracy story makes. The only thing that does make sense is a conspiracy to make those attacks happen, or to help them along. In a way, maybe they ostensibly screwed up Irag (so the military gets to stay there while the Iraqis kill each other), and we seemingly screwed up the Katrina response even though there were naval vessels with rescue supplies nearby (yet this miscommunication makes Lousiana more reliably Republican, since N.O.'s Democratic Blacks are scattered across the nation).

As a result, we believe that the country and the world is ungovernable, that government services are a waste of money, and that even if the military only works minimally well, it is the only thing that works at all, so throw more money and power at it. There's always force.

[Then, we are 'prepared' if the next big emergency happens, even bigger than the DC and NYC attacks of 2001, which after all the horror were just four planes and four buildings and three thousand people dead followed by the Anthrax attacks, killing less than a dozen and terrorizing the liberal media and congress.

What if something big happened? Like an epidemic in which millions are expected to die anyway, then the military gets to quarantine areas and people, move or save whom they want, and either let some undesireables die or facilitate the process... If the phones and news and Internet get cut off from that region, well, that's because all the people in the phone company 'died' or went into the quarantine holding area, or because there were 'rumors' that 'hurt/threatened public safety.'

The beauty of such a plan is that an epidemic kills people, but leaves property intact. Since such an attack is invisible and caused by germs, it is less traumatic than a war or terror attack, caused by people, yet we still have to rely on people in authority with special knowledge and equipment to save us.

Maybe the epidemic would be partially real, or maybe one is disemminated, like what the military did to SF, NYC, and St. Louis in the 1950s which got several people sick, and killed a few... Enough to make us take it seriously. But the disease gets trumped up, so everyone has to fall into line and co-operate or they will not get 'care' or 'help,' or those that are difficult might have to be executed to keep order or they just 'disappear' in the wake of the plague, or maybe some people get the good vaccine, some get placebos, and some get the diseased vaccine, depending on where you fit into in the database that has your political registration cross tabulated with your phone, email, and blog records... ]

I don't understand why so many obvious 9/11/01 questions aren't or weren't investigated or why folks don't seem to give a hoot. Shouldn't we all be on strike? Or constantly protesting in the streets? Those Korean students against the South Korean authoritarians in 1988 put us to shame. Those Russians in 1991 and the Chinese staring down tanks in 1989 put us to shame.

I feel like our country has been caught sleepwalking in a collective nightmare since November 2000. And it is spreading. Like a nightmare it just keeps going, getting worse, and going down stranger and scarier corridors.

People often say that dying in one's sleep is peaceful, but I don't think so. I think some nightmares get so bad that they kill you from the terror, and the terror kills you from your heart spasming in an attack. People glibly write off dying in one's sleep as 'a peaceful way to go,' because it is easier to go through life classifying dying that way to make it easier for the living, so we can 'move on,' 'get closure,' form a scab, 'heal,' and live our daily lives again in a routine as if we'll live forever.

I guess it is just hard enough to make a living and keep it together, rather than be outraged or thinking too much. Otherwise, you could be unemployed, without any health insurance, maybe homeless and hungry...

After all, what's the use thinking, worrying, or striking about it? Our country has cooked up wars since the mid 1840s to advance certain interests, and we've practically genocided the Native Americans and then enslaved blacks for hundreds of years, but life has gone on for those fortunate enough not to be in the line of fire or the prisons...

Why should I be surprised if these attacks were events to give certain people and institutions power and money, amd enough power to let these people kills hundreds of thousands of foreigners already, and maybe even kill millions of Americans in the near future should the military-security-industrial-corporate powers chose to abuse their power further so that they could 'thin the herd' and takes its property, like gathering chips on a poker table.

Psychologists say that the best way to take care of others you care about is to take care of one's self first.

What did Pink Floyd say in that song, Money? I'm alright, Jack; Keep your hands off my stack!


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