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Friday, April 07, 2006

A few quick follow-up questions

Regarding Russia, isn't Condi Rice supposed to be a Russian/Soviet expert? Is she going to be blamed for the US 'losing' Russia? It looks as if they are joining up with China against us, and that we are losing all those Color Elections and Revolutions from last year...
Does George W Bush still feel, when he looks into Putin's eyes, that he can really trust that guy?

Remember Jeffrey Gannon / Guckert, the prostitute turned into a planted
Whitehouse journalist? He threw softballs and got a lot of scoops, including the start of the Iraq War and the Plame Coverup.
Was it ever investigated how he got his credentials to get so close to the President? Someone must have thrown some influence around, or is the Secret Service or FBI completely asleep?
How close to his sources he was? How did he get so much insider access?
Whom was he visiting so often when he wasn't going to press conferences? Did the Whitehouse release those visitor logs?

Last autumn 2005, Harry Reid led a Democratic Senate walkout due to an intelligence committee stonewall. What was that related to? Able Danger? Pre-Iraq War intelligence 'failures?'
Did that committee finally start meeting, making progress and including Democrats? When's the report due?

Just asking...


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