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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

C.S.A. the Confederate States of America

You don't have to see this movie...

If you wonder what would have happened if the South won the war look at
any newspaper, especially from 1875-1898 (Jim Crow's beginnings), 1916
(the Wilson / KKK / lynchings era) and any day since 1967 (the Nixon
Southern Strategy). The Party of Lincoln is today's Republican GOP. The
formerly racist Democrats of the Civil War era hasn't been able to win
a national election since 1968 without running a Southerner.

Let's face it, the North 'won' the War militarily, but lost the Peace.
I don't know why we bothered to fight to keep states in the union that
didn't want to be a part of it. It seems unconstitutional.

As for slavery, it would have probably died off on its own accord
because the present system of 'wage slavery' is much better for the
ruling class. The land and capital owners don't have to feed, clothe,
house, or care for their employees now. And with mechanization,
transportation, communication, and globalization, wage slavery
employees can be discarded much more easily than capital-intensive

Just think of the current immigration/guest worker debate, and look at
our falling wages and increasing wealth disparities in this context.
Think also of the crisis that continues to face Blacks in the USA
today, with so many males incarcerated, the squalid state of public
housing, and all the drugs infiltrating poor populations (much of them
from places like Afghanistan). There is something rotten in the USA
today, and it is subtle so that many of us are unaware of how these
things connect, and who benefits from this continuing disparity. We've
replaced the blatant immorality of slavery with the status quo.

If the North had truly won the War and the Peace, then the Slaves would
have gotten their 40 acres and a mule and things would be a lot better

Maybe this movie would have been more interesting if it were about the
real unrealized USA, if Lincoln weren't assassinated.


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