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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hatfil (the Anthrax Attacker Person of Interest), Mobile Iraqi WMD Labs, and Judy Miller

The blog linked here makes a fascinating connection between Judy Miller, Stephen Hatfil the Anthrax attacker 'person of interest,' and the failed project to build and find Iraqi WMD labs.

I look forward to checking up on this blog's citations!

I always wondered why part of the US government never bothered to plant a bioweapons lab into Iraq. The involvement of world-class expert Hatfil in the 'search' for the lab now makes sense. Obviously, the Army and Intelligence could just go by Curveball and Hatfil's diagrams or 'police sketches' based on them if they wanted to search for the labs. However, upon finding such labs they'd be scrutinized and they would have to be credible via scientific method. Hence, bring in the US expert, since it would be too risky to force Iraq's Dr. Germ to fabricate the labs.

But, based on what we heard from the 2 former CIA officers this week (was it on 60 Minutes or MSNBC?), the highest levels of the Whitehouse and the CIA knew before the war that such labs didn't exist, according to a Saddam Regime mole on our payroll.

Therefore, the involvement of Hatfil indicates that we were going to plant a real mobile WMD lab into Iraq, and purport it to be Iraqi. A false flag operation.

But someone else in the government, through checks and balances, put a stop to this somehow... Perhaps it was Valerie Wilson Plame.

It is typical of the Bush43 regime to let the shit roll down-hill, compmentalized, letting some lower level person take the fall.

The circularity/insularity of this cast of characters: Libby, US Bioweapons Production and covert ops, false flags, Hatfil, and Judy Miller is also typical of this regime.

With regard to Plame/Wilson I would also like to point out that the top counter-terrorism experts and whistle blowers serving our government have all met opposition, attack, gag orders, or even death.

John O'Neill was hounded out of the FBI because his colleagues stole/lost his laptop during a conference when he left a meeting room for a phone call. O'Neill was asking too many questions about the Saudis. He lost his life a few weeks later during the WTC attacks/bombings.


Linda Franklin, an FBI counter-terrorism analyst died from a gunshot while she was leaving a Home Depot during the Beltway 'Sniper' Shootings spree in October 2002. She worked with distinction at the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, the only FBI division slated at the time to move to Homeland Security. Ms. Franklin was a cyber-security expert. Her murder was not tried or thoroughly investigated, since there were so many other charges against Army veteran and Nation of Islam convert John Allen Muhammad. It seems strange to me that the FBI wouldn't do their own investigation and push for a prosecution against the murderer of one of their own.


Valerie Plame Wilson was a top WMD investigator for Iran and Africa; she and her assets are blown and endangered.

Sibel Edmonds has gag orders on her.

And the guys in the DIA who discovered Mohammed Atta's cell were told that Atta was off limits nearly a year before the attacks, and they are muzzled in the Able Danger Operation affair....

I've also lately been intrigued by the fine line that exists between defense and offense, intelligence and counter-intelligence, and terrorism and counter-terrorism. Why are we making the Ames strain of Anthrax bioweapons? For defense? I suppose that this is our way around the ban on WMD that we signed a treaty for...


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