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Thursday, May 04, 2006

9/11/01 Conspiracies

The official 9/11/01 story *is* a conspiracy theory. It is a narrative about a group of men in and out of Afghanistan who bombed America with planes.

It is also the story of a massive series of failures on the part of higher ups at the FBI, the Air Force, the CIA, the White House, and probably other agencies, despite dozens or even hundreds of warnings.

It is also the story of how those in government obstructed the investigations of these attacks, and how those higher-ups in the FBI, CIA, Air Force, NSC/Whitehouse that were so 'clotted' got to either keep their jobs, get medals, or promotions, while those who blew the whistle and still try to blow the whistle on them were gagged or had their careers limited.

The Anthrax attacks referenced the 9/11/01 attacks and their weaponized strain was initially stoking the fears of a state sponsor of terrorism using government produced WMDs, and Iraq was the bogeyman. Meanwhile, the main Senate dissidents against the so-called Patriot Act --Daschle and Leahy -- were targeted.with an Anthrax strain that was later traced to US military labs!

But that didn't emerge until after they changed their votes. Seems like the Anthrax investigation has gone nowhere. Meanwhile, some of the contractors serving the biological weapons industry profited handsomely from the scare, making a killing off vaccines that never seemed to work. The owner of this contractor, BioPort,Mr. Al-Hibri, has ties to the UAE and the Carlyle Group, which places investments in many armaments manufacturers. You might want to look into Project Jefferson or Operation Jefferson.

Also, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden? How could we only box him in on three sides? How could this jihadist, whom the CIA trained, get so elusive, when a Marin teenager named Johnny Walker could shake his hand?

Meanwhile, who in the US has benefited from these attacks and their ensuing long wars? The military budget has ballooned, including military contractors and privatized services providers like Halliburton and KBR, which also profited from the Vietnam war, and then set up shop in Saudi Arabia after that gig ended.

I recommend reading Professor David Ray Griffin's excellent books on 9/11/01's attacks. The main point of his works is that we need a thorough independent investigation of the events around the attacks on 9/11/01.

Another great source of information, based on linked or cited mainstream media sources, is http://www.cooperativeresearch.org






I understand that it is shocking to consider that part of country could allow or foster fellow countrymen being killed for power or profit, but consider that the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved and submitted to President Kennedy Operation Northwoods. ABCNews.com broke this story recently and http://www.wikipedia.com has a good article on this.

Northwoods was a set of US plots to foment a war with Cuba to make it look like the war was Cuba's fault. These plots included hijacking a US plane, diverting it, and then destroying a decoy plane and holding funerals for the passengers. Another plot involved the Navy blowing up one of our own ships and killing our own sailors and blaming Cuba for it. President Kennedy cancelled this operation.

Less than two years later we refocused on Vietnam, using the 'mistaken' and later found to be trumped up Gulf of Tonkin incidents. I think James Bamford, the NSA expert originally scooped that story 30 or 40 years after it happened. However, trumped up wars are not unique to modern times. James Polk and McKinley's administrations used phony provocations to expand America's empire.

My take on these incidents is that the attitude behind them is: one must break a few eggs to make someone's omelet.


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