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Monday, January 17, 2005

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Eve

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Last night I saw a friend of mine perform in a Devo cover band, which was fun and funny. The crowd was all white.

Afterward the club had a hiphop party and I saw the club transform into black. First it was women. So many women that I was afraid that it was some sort of Lesbian party with me barking up the wrong trees, but it wasn't. It reminded me of the time I was at a party, drunk, chatting up a line of women passing by me one at a time for about three mintutes each with none ever returning to talk to me. Then I realized I was chatting up a bathroom line and I had a captive drunk audience.

Back to last night, there were about 20 women for each man. As the hours passed some more black men showed but there were many many more women there. So many that a few women even approached me or gave me the eye.

NPR reported yesterday about cultural destruction with about 1 million young black men in jail, more than are in college, and I think I could see that in action last night. It was sad. Normally, I love a good female to male ratio, but it was ridiculous. They were not turning men away at the door at all, and there was no cover charge, but plenty of women dressed up, some looking really good, and many wanting and ready to dance.
As the night ground on, the floor got crowded, most of the folks in the audience were happy to dance, drink and have the next day off to shop.

Martin Luther King, Jr would be around 77 today. Blacks and whites are still culturally and economically segregrated, blacks are still in crisis, and we are fighting oil wars against 'terrorists,' which are the post cold war world's 'communists.' We still need him.

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