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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the Neo-cons could use War, Terror, and Cheating to expand their power and profits

A friend writes in response to Mark Green's commentary on Air America and the Daily News:

Brilliant Mark Green adds these two caveats to what can stop this perfect storm burying the Republicans in 2008: war in Iran and a major terror attack on the USA. These are two big and likely exceptions.

Cheney and Bush are gunning for expanding the war to Iran. The rhetoric hype is similar to the run-up to the Iraq bombing and invasion of 2003. They will do whatever needed to provoke the Iranians, and short of that, they will just bomb.

In short, we will have a war in three contiguous countries Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, which will shortly become the most expensive war in US history. This will also drive up oil prices to over $100 per barrel and benefit arms and military services providers like Carlyle and Halliburton which all benefits the friends of the House of Bush (and Saud and the BinLaden clan, too).

Getting back to fomenting and spreading war to Iran, this flows into Green's other caveat: a major terror attack on US soil. Unlike Iraq, Iran does have an international terrorism network at its disposal, which Iran has held off against attacking the US for about 20 years, since our involvement in Lebanon. However, Jews worldwide who have had nothing to do with Israel have been the victims of such Iranian-linked attacks, such as the bombing of a Childrens' Daycare and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1994, killing about 80 children and teachers, taking out about five floors of the center with the powerful destructive explosion. Yet, the political and investigatory implications of that attack are still playing out, with many mysteries and dead ends...

It is likely that Iran will call off its cease-fire against the US and its interests should we attack Iran. It would make sense, since this is the asymmetrical warfare that justifies terrorism to the state-sponsors of it. If you face an enemy with tanks, three air craft carrier groups, satellites, nuclear weapons and top quality fighter jets facing you, and you don't have much of that stuff, then sneaking in some suicide or truck bombers to cause havoc and death are quite effective. I really doubt that Bush or Cheney, in or out of office, are in much danger of getting hit by such attacks, but for the readers of these words, they are going to be much more vulnerable. Considering how much NYC shut down through 2001 after the city was left open to attack in September of that year, 20 such attacks across the country in short proximity would likely end our economy. Of course, taking down 260 floors of skyscrapers and attacking 20% of the Pentagon are quite destructive, so I estimate that 600 truck and suicide bomb attacks would seriously affect our way of life.

Of course, what is our government to do when attacked like this? Well, we have a HUGE military, which would be our only hand left to play. What is it: bigger than the next fifty militaries combined? (so that's where our healthcare and education funding went!) Such a huge force would be used against the 'Axis of Evil' countries. Bush mentioned World War III recently, well, our attack of Iran would be the first shove, their terror attacks against us (with or without rogue elements of the US allowing them) would be the reply shove, and our invasions and carpet bombings would be the final answer -- kill the people and take the oil.

But this is not the end of story. They were right when they said that 9/11 changed everything. We have the so-called Patriot Act and the so-called Patriot Act II. The USA has also recently established a NorthCom, a domestic military headquarters command. What has the FBI, NSA, and the DoD be doing with all the domestic spying and the militarization of the police that has been going on? That will be put to use, too. Databases of our associations and beliefs, including posts and memberships in groups like this, will be used to isolate, 'disappear,' 'suicide', or remove 'trouble makers and rabble rousers' once the Constitution is 'suspended' and martial law is called.

Remember how the Anthrax Attacks came and went just in time to get the so-called Patriot Act emplaced? We heard that the Anthrax wasn't from Iraq (although we gave it to them in the early 1980s), it was from the US' own bio-weapons 'defense research' labs, the Ames strain from Ft Detrick in Maryland. Seems that the Anthrax attacker is still at large. Could you imagine if a Democrat were President and this attacker and Osama Bin Laden were still at-large?! There would be a nightly count-up on the news of America held hostage by Clinton or Carter or whomever. But these guys get no accountability (the Neo-cons and the terrorists advancing their agendas).

Bio-terror is the perfect cover. It is invisible, yet technological. It relies on scientific authorities who test and inoculate (or maybe infect some of) us, and it recently gives the military power to enforce quarantines, to shut down areas or whatever news or communication network they want: 'everyone at Google is sick today, so that site is closed.'

The Health Department is literally no longer in charge of public safety, or anything really, in epidemics. Interesting.

If there is a 2008 election, then it will be Giuliani-Thompson. The terror guy and the Republican cover-up lackey.

This leads me to point three, the one that Mark Green forgot to include. Election cheating.

Green calmly remarks of the 2006 spike of black voters for Bush in Ohio. I recall seeing lines of blacks waiting in the rain to vote, and they weren't waiting to vote for Bush. Mark, were you being serious here, or tongue-in-cheek?! News of 'inadvertent' tampering with votes and destruction of votes during and after the elections is still coming out of Ohio. Remember how they used a 'terror emergency threat' to close one of the major elections counting centers to public scrutiny? LOL! Or cry.

The Republicans are a decreasing minority, but if you are a power-hungry greed head, are you going to accept being the loyal minority opposition and watch corporate power and profits be rolled back? For them, militarization and oil are very profitable. They can afford their healthcare, and their kids won't need to serve, and the terrorists' bombs probably won't affect them directly. Overthrowing our time-consuming and profit-threatening democracy is the only thing they have left to hold on to what they got and to get what they want.

They are going to cheat in 2008. They are going to cheat to keep folks from voting, and to keep folks' votes from being counted.

They might even cheat us into another war and to draw terror attacks on our soil to declare martial law.

I love Mark Green's brains and integrity, but his and the Democrats' problem is that this isn't a scientific debate with calm reason carrying the day. The Democrats may be willing to be the loyal, win-some/lose-some, opposition party, but the Neo-Cons (Neo-Nazi Con Artists -- they aren't Republicans and they aren't Conservatives) are not. Their gloves are off, and we aren't even in the ring.

Face it. They are going to lie and cheat. They are going to get us into war. They are going to draw terror attacks on our soil and maybe even allow or facilitate some. I'm not saying every Republican, just a few Neo-con moles and some dupes fooled by 'military exercises / drills.' They are going to cheat again at the polls and after the polls and with the news media again.

What are we going to do about this now?

We need to stop the Iraq war, prevent the Iran War, and sue to keep the polls accessible and to count the votes.

We should impeach these neo-cons and investigate them, cutting their traitorous cancer out before they metastasize into our country's DNA ending what's left of our republic.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Why is Generation Q quiet?

A friend responds to the NYTimes' Tom Friedman column, reprinted below, entitled Generation Q.

Tom Friedman's column about Generation Q ignores the domestic terror we face, and didn't know we faced but suspected in the 1960s for activism: domestic surveillance by the DoD, the CIA, and the FBI of our communications and affiliations, as well as violence. This is emerging now. Thank you Representative Conyers!

Recently, a student got Tasered and surrounded by at least four officers for asking Senator Kerry three questions at a University of Florida forum while holding the book, 'Armed Mad House.' A student got tased last year at UCLA for using the library!!

There is a dark and scary side to activism, much less getting by and living in the USA, like using university libraries or speaking truth to power. There is a dark and scary side to working in the non-profit service realm -- low or no benefits, low pay, high rents, insecurity, competition and backstabbing, pressures, dwindling funding, lack of any retirement pensions...

Meanwhile, vested interests profiting from war, oil, pharmaceuticals, telecomm, banking, real estate, prisons, they are doing quite well.

We need to figure out a way to make online organizing lead to something as powerful as the prison-military-industrial-security state lobbies or peace and prosperity for all, isn't going to be enough for the greediest and power-hungriest...

Howard Dean and Ron Paul, for example, and Moveon.org are turning heads and paradigms, even as myspace and facebook titillate or mollify. As they said in Catch-22, it is better to be a live chicken than a dead duck.

Here is the Friedman piece from the 10/10/2007 NYTimes

October 10, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist
Generation Q

I just spent the past week visiting several colleges — Auburn, the University of Mississippi, Lake Forest and Williams — and I can report that the more I am around this generation of college students, the more I am both baffled and impressed.

I am impressed because they are so much more optimistic and idealistic than they should be. I am baffled because they are so much less radical and politically engaged than they need to be.

One of the things I feared most after 9/11 — that my daughters would not be able to travel the world with the same carefree attitude my wife and I did at their age — has not come to pass.

Whether it was at Ole Miss or Williams or my alma mater, Brandeis, college students today are not only going abroad to study in record numbers, but they are also going abroad to build homes for the poor in El Salvador in record numbers or volunteering at AIDS clinics in record numbers. Not only has terrorism not deterred them from traveling, they are rolling up their sleeves and diving in deeper than ever.

The Iraq war may be a mess, but I noticed at Auburn and Ole Miss more than a few young men and women proudly wearing their R.O.T.C. uniforms. Many of those not going abroad have channeled their national service impulses into increasingly popular programs at home like “Teach for America,” which has become to this generation what the Peace Corps was to mine.

It’s for all these reasons that I’ve been calling them “Generation Q” — the Quiet Americans, in the best sense of that term, quietly pursuing their idealism, at home and abroad.

But Generation Q may be too quiet, too online, for its own good, and for the country’s own good. When I think of the huge budget deficit, Social Security deficit and ecological deficit that our generation is leaving this generation, if they are not spitting mad, well, then they’re just not paying attention. And we’ll just keep piling it on them.

There is a good chance that members of Generation Q will spend their entire adult lives digging out from the deficits that we — the “Greediest Generation,” epitomized by George W. Bush — are leaving them.

When I was visiting my daughter at her college, she asked me about a terrifying story that ran in this newspaper on Oct. 2, reporting that the Arctic ice cap was melting 'to an extent unparalleled in a century or more” — and that the entire Arctic system appears to be “heading toward a new, more watery state' likely triggered by 'human-caused global warming.'

'What happened to that Arctic story, Dad?' my daughter asked me. How could the news media just report one day that the Arctic ice was melting far faster than any models predicted 'and then the story just disappeared?' Why weren’t any of the candidates talking about it? Didn’t they understand: this has become the big issue on campuses?

No, they don’t seem to understand. They seem to be too busy raising money or buying votes with subsidies for ethanol farmers in Iowa. The candidates could actually use a good kick in the pants on this point. But where is it going to come from?

Generation Q would be doing itself a favor, and America a favor, if it demanded from every candidate who comes on campus answers to three questions: What is your plan for mitigating climate change? What is your plan for reforming Social Security? What is your plan for dealing with the deficit — so we all won’t be working for China in 20 years?

America needs a jolt of the idealism, activism and outrage (it must be in there) of Generation Q. That’s what twentysomethings are for — to light a fire under the country. But they can’t e-mail it in, and an online petition or a mouse click for carbon neutrality won’t cut it. They have to get organized in a way that will force politicians to pay attention rather than just patronize them.

Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy didn’t change the world by asking people to join their Facebook crusades or to download their platforms. Activism can only be uploaded, the old-fashioned way — by young voters speaking truth to power, face to face, in big numbers, on campuses or the Washington Mall. Virtual politics is just that — virtual.

Maybe that’s why what impressed me most on my brief college swing was actually a statue — the life-size statue of James Meredith at the University of Mississippi. Meredith was the first African-American to be admitted to Ole Miss in 1962. The Meredith bronze is posed as if he is striding toward a tall limestone archway, re-enacting his fateful step onto the then-segregated campus — defying a violent, angry mob and protected by the National Guard.

Above the archway, carved into the stone, is the word 'Courage.' That is what real activism looks like. There is no substitute.

Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can Peace Really Stand a Chance?

Everyone likes peace, and its general prosperity, but no one makes a killing from it.

War is much more profitable and efficient to make profits and concentrate power.

Everyone wants crime reduced, but keeping 2 million people in distant jails is much more of a killing...

and so on.

Can we organize around peace, education, reform? Or make it blatantly profitable or rewarding? Or at least affect consciousness.

Fear and Greed versus security and prosperity...

This is the challenge facing us.

Neo Con


Suggesting Neo-Nazi ?
Suggesting Con-job ?

Conservatives don't expand government for their personal gain at the expense of everyone else.

Nazi's use nationalism and socialize the government, in partnership with corporations, to usurp rights, consolidate power, monopolies, militarism, prisons, in partnership with allied industries.

Con-Artists use confidence, lying, manipulating feelings, to fool others and steal from them fraudulently.

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