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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FBI not revealing its counter-WMD failures, maybe covering up

Bush' Neo-cons targeted Valerie Plame Wilson's Brewster Jennings cover firm at the beginning of the Bush2 admin, when they were inventing the Iraqi WMD pre-emption rationale - before her hubby hero Amb Joe Wilson publicly reported that Bush lied.

The Neo-Cons needed her out so they could lie.

I think they blew her cover & her intelligence career later in mid 2003 because they were having the accused Anthrax Attacker in Iraq assembling a fake mobile bio WMD lab - probably a psyop plant to justify the invasion & occupation while the real enemies, our allies, Saudi Pakistan, were funding terror, building WMD & proliferating it @ great personal profit.

Valerie Plame probably could have blown that mobile lab ruse & any phony Iranian plants and lies. Her specialty was Iranian WMD, although the whole region was her bailiwick. That was why she was 'fair game.'

Who got the FBI off Haftill for Anthrax? Who sent Hatfill to Iraq?

Who may have tipped the White House to the Anthrax attacks before the tainted mail arrived?

Who got the White House on Cipro then?

These Neo-con crazies are all linked to Cheney. I bet he has something to do with the Anthrax Attacks, the follow-up to 9/11/01's attacks that bridged our policy to pre-emption and Iraq, even though the Anthrax was American-sourced.

Since NATO is fighting the terrorists and WMD, NATO & InterPol should investigate.

The USA and the World needs an independent, funded, and powerful investigation of the 9/11/01 and the Anthrax Attacks.

Monday, January 21, 2008

He would have been the President of the United States

I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been elected President of the United States in the 1970s. Maybe 1972 or 1976 considering the fields running then. He towered over them in terms of oratory, stature, and vision.

I've finally realized that there really was a Reagan Revolution, and we are still playing by the rules he rewrote in the 1980s.

But that wouldn't have happened, and we would have a lot more hope and justice had MLK, Jr not been taken out while staying at a cheap motel supporting the Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike. What kind of revolution would America have had had Martin Luther King, Jr. been President?

Reagan started his campaign in a racism capitol, continuing Nixon's Southern Strategy, flipping racist white Southern Democrats Republican, using coded symbolism. Reagan campaigned on the back of a chimerical Welfare Queen in a Cadillac. Luxury car makers did well in the wake of the Reagan Revolution as the nation split rich and poor, with the poor doing worse. Both Bushes kept that revolution, spinning our nation to resemble more South and Central American Republicas sans Middle Class than European social democracies, where citizens with dignity and without fear of starvation or lack of medical care is a point of pride. Reagan's first major action in office was to fire (fire!?!) all the PATCO Air Traffic Controllers on strike, compromising domestic air safety for a decade.

Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed his life for urban garbage carriers. He received no local or federal protection, even though he won the Nobel Peace Prize, campaigned to change America, and had numerous death threats that the FBI was fully aware of.

~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Hillary Clinton jabbed at Barack Obama that it takes more than a vision to make change, that it takes hard work, and that it took President Johnson to work his work and magic with Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act, (not just MLK, Jr.'s oratory and advocacy). But MLK, Jr. was more than a speech maker or grandstander; he was a tireless campaigner who took jailings, wrote books, and he was beaten, bugged, gassed and threatened. As I stated above, I believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been President and a National Treasure by now, with the Civil Rights Act being just a stepping stone toward his ultimate greatness through his achievements and his revolutionary changes for justice and compassion in the USA.

Pundits speak of the power of martyrdom. They are shilling for the snipers.

Martyrs have no power. They are symbols used by lessers, like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, or me today.

The dead are the bitches of the universe, carried, then cremated into carbon dust and vapor, or eaten by worms and bacteria in the dirt. Maybe their bloody shirts are waved or invoked. The dead and the martyred have no office, no voice, except for that which the living gives them in their memory or inspiration. Nothing beats being alive.

Barack Obama works hard. Community Organizing, his background, is hard work, and it doesn't pay well, and it is great political experience.

Too bad mainstream Democrats, or even the Democratic Party, doesn't realize, recognize or reward grassroots service and organizing outside of political clubs. This blind spot is part of the reason why parties or 'Democrat' is meaningless to most Americans.

Hillary Clinton speaks of Experience. It sounds like a code word for Qualifications, the code word countering affirmative action. I don't like her Experience or Qualifications,

  • speaking in codes,
  • supporting decades-long wars to look tough for political gain (like President Johnson, except Iraq will last longer than Vietnam -- and would be deadlier for us if battlefield medicine and transportation hadn't advanced so much since the 1960s),
  • making deals and owing for them,
  • fronting for corporations - including military profiteers and pharmaceuticals,
  • shilling for unions no matter what,
  • not pushing for a real 9/11/01 investigation - even though her home state was not defended and was hit hardest,
  • not pushing for the 9/11/01 rescue workers' health care,
  • absolutely failing to put forward a credible health care plan for the US when Bill Clinton was President,
  • absolutely failing to craft that health care proposal without arrogance or with any political savvy, turning half of America off to her,
  • working for a politically connected corporate law firm,
  • standing for nothing but for her own power and importance.

I'm tired of her opportunism, her symbols and codes, her annoying shrill voice (like a put-upon teacher or stressed out mother), her obviously fake expressions, her carefully crafted personae, and her dangerous lust for power and glory.

Barack Obama is my second-to-last choice for Democratic nominee for President, but I prefer him way more to Hillary Clinton.

I miss the 1990s. I did better and had more fun during the Clinton years, but I really don't need Hillary teaming up with Bill as a loose cannon pit-bull, making their connections and standing for their own power, and a nicer status-quo for all. In the 1990s, where was the peace dividend, where was the end of the Gulf War, why did we refuse Sudan's offer of Osama, why did Bill ignore the 1993 WTC bombing, why were SUVs subsidized while alternative energy and mileage standards languished? While Bill was triangulating, and the first thing he came up with was 'don't ask, don't tell,' (some stand for gay rights!), Newt Gingrinch took Congress with a real vision, the Contract on America. It really is time for a change.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~~

Confederate Flag in the southern state capitols time again.

I've written before that anyone or any state should have the right to leave any union they want whenever they want or vote on it. That is, we shouldn't have had a civil war, and I'd be fine with the South being its own country. Heck, I'm fine with NYC being its own country as long as we get to annex a few more suburban counties in New Jersey, NYS, and Connecticut.

All that being said, a war was fought, and the Confederates were leaving the USA. They were killing over it, and it was treasonous.

I had a problem with Reagan honoring SS soldiers in Bitburg Germany, and I'd have a problem with any US capitol proudly flying a Nazi Flag. We fought a war against the Southern Confederacy for the USA's survival and beat them, and they are supposed to be Americans again. The North more than bent over backwards to heal the South, and they pretty much run the USA today.

We also shouldn't fly Mexican, Spanish, British, or Japanese flags of countries that the USA beat and befriended -- or any other flags in capitols, unless it is for a special occasion, like a visit. And we aren't supposed to be using Euros or Canadian dollars in the USA.

I understand that some Southerners are proud of the Confederacy, and so they should show the Confederate flag in an exhibit explaining its meanings. But to everyone this should be recognized as a flag of treason, and to many this is a flag of racism, redentism, regression, and oppression - a symbol of lynching, lawlessness, and vigilante terror. It is unacceptable to have this fly in a capitol.

True Americans embrace diversity, respect, justice, compassion, happiness, and tolerance.

Have a good Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Torture Tapes of Abu Zubaydah spinning

Andrew Sullivan implies recently in the UK Times that the destroyed torture tape of Abu Zubaydah decision reaches far up in the White House. But he also implies that Zubaydah was not credible because he was a crazy liar.

When Zubaidah was captured he was touted for his roles in the attacks on Amman, the USS Cole, and in the 9/11/01 attacks where he fingered Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was subsequently captured.

Maybe Zubaydah has/had some valuable information amongst the lies and delusions.

My favorite detail about Abu is the fake CIA rendition to a fake Saudi intelligence torture chamber. Zubaydah was relieved upon his relocation to what he thought was a Saudi prison with Saudi interrogators. The US wrongly assumed that this would gravely frighten him and make him spill the beans out of fear.

Zubaydah, instead, was relieved, and he gave accurate personal cell phone numbers to three Saudi Royals in high government / intelligence positions, and told the agents to call them and get their instructions. He also had personal contact info for a high ranking Pak ISI intelligence chief / air force officer. Most of these fellows soon died in strange circumstances, except for one promoted to an ambassadorship, giving him diplomatic immunity.

Zubaydah provided contact information for:

Prince Ahmed bin Salman, a nephew of the Saudi king. He provides telephone numbers from memory and says, “He will tell you what to do.” He proceeds to give more information and phone numbers, claiming ties with higher ups in both the Saudi and Pakistani governments. He also names:
bullet Pakistani air force chief Mushaf Ali Mir, said to be closely tied to the fundamentalists in the ISI.
bullet Saudi Intelligence Minister Prince Turki al-Faisal.
bullet Prince Sultan bin Faisal, another nephew of the Saudi King.
bullet Prince Fahd bin Turki, another member of the Saudi royalty. According to Posner, Zubaida claims that all of these people were intermediaries he dealt with in the frequent transfer of money to al-Qaeda. The phone numbers and other details are consistent with information already known by US intelligence. Zubaida then lays out many secrets about the 9/11 attacks. One unnamed investigator will later call them “the Rosetta Stone” of 9/11. According to Zubaida, he was present in a meeting in 1996 where the Pakistanis and the Saudis struck a deal with bin Laden (see
1996), promising him protection, arms, and supplies in exchange for not being the targets of future terror attacks. He claimed both governments were told the US would be attacked on 9/11, but not given the details of how the attack would work. Within months, all of the people named by Zubaida die mysteriously except for Prince Turki, who is made an ambassador, giving him diplomatic immunity. [Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11 (New York, NY: Random House, 2003)., 186-94.')" onmouseout="return nd()">Posner, 2003, pp. 186-94]
One of the Saudi's was the owner of 2002 Kentucky Derby winner, War Emblem, Prince Ahmed Bin Salam, who suddenly died at age 43 of a heart attack. He was the King's nephew.

The next day, Prince Sultan bin Faisal, another nephew of the king, dies driving to Prince Ahmed’s funeral.

A week later, Prince Fahd bin Turki supposedly “dies of thirst” in the Arabian desert.

Seven months later, on February 20, 2003, Pakistan’s air force chief, Mushaf Ali Mir, dies in a plane crash in clear weather, along with his wife and closest confidants.

Controversial author Gerald Posner implies that all of these events are linked together and the deaths are not accidental, but have occurred because of the testimony of captured al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaida in March 2002 (see
Early April 2002). The deaths all occurred not long after the respective governments were told of Zubaida’s confessions.

Only one other key figure named by Zubaida remains alive: Saudi Intelligence Minister Prince Turki al-Faisal. Posner says, “He’s the J. Edgar Hoover of Saudi Arabia,” too powerful and aware of too many secrets to be killed off. Prince Turki lost his intelligence minister job ten days before 9/11, and is later made Saudi ambassador to Britain, giving him diplomatic immunity from any criminal prosecution. [
Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11(New York, NY: Random House, 2003)., 190-94.')" onmouseout="return nd()">Posner, 2003, pp. 190-94; Time, 31 August 2003.')" onmouseout="return nd()">Time, 8/31/2003]
According to author James Risen, there is no significant investigation of foreign governments in the wake of Zubaidah's confessions and personal-business links. (Citation in the link above). John Hockenberry did a Dateline NBC investigation report that Saudi Arabia, our 'ally,' has no intelligence cooperation with the USA at all.

Maybe Abu's tapes were destroyed for their implications. Maybe he is not so crazy or incredible, but has too good information revealed after less than a minute of controlled drowning / waterboarding.

http://www.cooperativeresearch.org has timelines of mainstream media coverage of recent history. They are run by the Grassroots Center for Public Oversight and they need our support asap.

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