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Thursday, May 26, 2005

What Women Can do about the Culture of (pre) Life

Apparently, women routinely menstruate fertilized eggs or embryos. Since Bush2 & Co are concerned with the cult of pre-life, women should consider sending their used tampons and sanitary napkins to the Representatives who are so concerned with saving embryos. Perhaps these fools can save another embryo.

Fertilized eggs are routinely discarded by hospitals, and the Federal Government has curtailed funding research on these embryos with regard to stem cell research, which could prolong and improve our lives. Now some activists, like the Family Research Council, under the guise of protecting women's dignity, are pushing to ban research on embryos.

Ironically, while President Bush was getting intelligence briefs like Bin Laden Determined to Attack the U.S. in August 2001, he was instead focussed on restricting federal stem cell research funding, one of the most major sources of medical innovations. The 9/11 Commission said that preventing the 2001 Plane bombing attacks was a failure of imagination, I say it was a failure of priorities.

Completing the Unified Field Theory

I think that what is missing from the Unified Field Theory is the relationship between Gravity and Entropy, as forces of organization and disorganization. Gravity pulls together and organizes, while entropy is things falling apart.

But at extremes the theory becomes frayed as an intensely compacted matter would/could get that way by freezing it. As it gets further into solid state, approaching absolute zero, the atoms pack together. At zero the atoms fall apart -- entropy.

If I heat up the matter, the solid turns to liquid then gas, becoming more and more disorganized, losing energy to entropy.

Entropy in small scale is not a force because it doesn't move things, but if it causes the universe to expand then that is a powerful force! Perhaps gravity is the reverse of entropy and both are forces.

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