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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Resign, Spitzer, Resign!

Resign, Spitzer, Resign!

David Patterson would make a great Governor. He is a soft spoken consensus builder with experience.

Spitzer, the 'spike' driving 'steamroller,' and former "Mr. Clean" was toast last year when he tried to throw a wrench into Bruno's helicopters. 2007 and 2008 was and is another lost year with Spitzer.

Now, he's further dragging down Hillary and the Democrats nationally.

I was an early Spitzer supporter when he took on Wall Street Abuses, but he lost me when he never investigated his real estate buddies and the traders who profited from the attacks on our city in 2001.

His best move would be to resign and let Patterson lead us forward together.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Finally it is time AL GORE For President of the United States

Gore Obama. Or Gore Bloomberg. The Democrats should Draft AL GORE!

This lack of a clear majority for Obama, whatever he stands for specifically, or the Hillary Clinton machine means one thing -- Bring Back Al Gore. He won the popular majority vote, and possibly/probably won Florida, and he's only more triumphant, yet sympathetic, yet accomplished and vindicated -- without even being President.

Obama and Gore hate Hillary, and this would get her both out and back. It would put Obama in the on-deck position, getting more seasoned as Gore's lieutenant. He'd still be young at 55.

Gore was the best and most positively effective VP our nation has seen, so he'd put Obama to good purposes, giving him more experience, gravitas and executive experience...

Bloomberg would also make a great VP as a lieutenant in charge of education, health, government accountability and information provision for transparency and economic growth. As long as he (and his police commissioner Ray Kelly is sidelined) from Homeland Security, Justice or the military. Their RNC convention abuses and police abuses would be ridiculous if they weren't so offensive and toxic.


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